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June 30, 2010

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I'm writing this as I'm watching the match between Spain and Portugal. It's boring, really watching a football match alone. Well technically I'm not alone. Jiah is with me, but she's sleeping. One minute she was cheering for David Villa, the next she's already asleep. But there's always re-runs so yeah.

Oh wait, she's now awake.

Finally, the semester break has come to it's end, OMG. So what have I accomplished during those two-months worth of free times?

1. Finally managed to have a good getaway with the buddies
2. Bought myself the dream lens
3. Watched more than 5 movies
4. Sow for the first time since I was 15
5. Drove myself to 1Utama :P
6. Watched most of the World Cup matches
7. Fell in love with Messi *blushes*
8. Went to my paradise-on-earth; IKEA
9. Went to Pipit
10. Went to two weddings, on the same day
11. Started to jog (only to give up on it soon after)
12. Ate lots of strawberries!
13. Became addicted to prunes
14. Being super inactive with Facebook
15. Baked chocolate chip cookies, well, sorta *shifty eyes*

... I think that's all. So the conclusion?


I can't believe how I wasted my days doing practically nothing. No, I can actually, but still. I'm so sorry dear myself, I promise to not sit around and do nothing during the next semester break *bows head*

And to my dearest graphic tablet, Marshmallow, I'm sorry I haven't used you since the day I entered UiTM. I'm sorry for leaving you inside the drawer all this while. I'm sorry.

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