Bucket List


My list of things that I'd like to do that was created since high school, hence the childish lolwhy goals;

001. Bring Lisa for a roller coaster ride Genting and we rode it 4 times!
002. Go to a PC Fair I did when I was in Singapore
003. Taste any type of pasta A lasagna from delicious. It was OK. I eat almost everything now lol
004. Buy a new phone Ayah gave me his WIFIless iPhone, well that counts
005. Earn my driving license Hell yeah I did
006. Bake cookies It's chocolate chip! 
007. Bake a cake Butter cake!
008. Slim down to goal weight, and maintain that, if not thinner
009. Stop biting my nails Accomplished, for now
010. Overcome the fear of cockroaches
011. Get a facial
012. Learn Mandarin/other languages Japanese, already forgot everything
013. Climb the rambutan tree at Tok Ayah's house
014. Plant something and make a documentary of it
015. Set up a website/blogsite Hence the birth of potatopanic.blogspot.com
016. Play a PS3
017. Get a boyfriend :P
018. Get on the Eye On Malaysia we no longer have it
019. Cook something edible Nasi goreng lol
020. Take purikura pictures Sungei Wang, and it cost us RM20, purikura is expensive O___O
021. Earn my first paycheck LARAS, (2012)
022. Try roller-skating
023. Try ice-skating Fell down like a champion
024. Be a pescetarian
025. Complete the draft for 'Land Keepers'
026. Redraw 'Land Keepers'
027. Stop drinking carbonated drinks
028. Try skipping
029. Get into university UiTM Lendu :>
030. Get rid of the MRC name cards
031. Paint on a canvas
032. Go fishing with Ayah
033. Learn how to play Kakuro
034. Own an original music album Joe Brooks' A Reason to Swim :D
035. Keep a mice/hamster as a pet (again) Got guinea pigs. That counts xD
036. Dance around in the rain
037. Build a mega sand castle on the beach
038. Drive Kelisa I OWN it now :P Well Tok Ayah owns it now xD
039. Drive Myvi Hates it My dearest boyfie now :')
040. Drive Integra Wow I is awesome!
041. Drive Wish Drove it, even made it lose its bumper lol
042. Drive Peugeot Backed it out of the gate. It's something lol
043. Ride a motorcycle
044. Pierce my ears
045. Play futsal
046. Play paintball
047. Ride a go-kart Genting
048. Puasa enam
049. Bathe Tigger & Smokee on my own Fun moments xD
050. Paint the room with bright colour YELLOW!
051. Enter a competition and WIN it
052. Start an art journal
053. Taste sushi/takoyaki/dango/any Japanese foods that I hate I did and I hated them all still
054. Volunteer at Zoo Negara
055. Volunteer at SPCA
056. Go to Cosmo's World
057. Get featured in a magazine/newspaper
058. Give Myvi a facelift
059. Own a PSP/Nintendo DS
060. Enter a sauna
061. Try a fish spa
062. See Linkin Park, LIVE 19.08.2013, Stadium Bukit Jalil. Worst PCD of my life
063. Try bungee jumping/sky diving
064. Go scuba diving/snorkelling Snorkelled at Phuket, Jan 2014
065. Visit Zoo Negara, it's been a while Twice for Environmental Design assignment
066. Actually finish playing KH2 Final Mix +
067. Complete Harvest Moon PSP
068. Complete a game of Pokemon
069. Catch a baby chick
070. Make my own popcorn Two words: epic fail
071. Go to Singapore's Universal Studio
072. Hold Lisa's turtle Sadly, he died before I get to hold him
073. Go to Tokyo Disneyland
074. Make layer cakes with Diracchi Layer cakes are tedious
075. Drink bubble tea Addicted! Lemon flavoured FTW!
076. Khatam al-Quran for the second time
080. Learn to play a song with the guitar Vegas Skies by The Cab
081. Visit Mai in Kanazawa again
082. Own a DSLR EOS 450D
083. Wear a baju kurung and shop at KLCC
084. Went for a trip with the buddies Perak counts xD
085. Try soap carving
086. Go hiking
087. Climb the stairs at Batu Caves
089. Witness the greatness of wildlife in Africa
090. Donate blood
091. Wall/rock climbing
092. See a panda
093. See a white tiger We actually have one at Zoo Negara!
094. Learn how to format/fix laptops from Ayah
095. Buy my own car
096. Be a vegan for a week
097. Try drinking soy bean
098. Read 20 novels just for fun I think read more already lah 
099. Fill the glass bottle with 50 cents
100. Ride a horse Guided, but I did at Bukit Tinggi with Ainaa
101. Donate things to charity, anything
102. See at least one thing that is 'the world largest'
103. Milk a cow/goat
104. Go on a cruise
105. Own a LOMO camera
106. Drive the now manual Integra
107. Learn and master CSS, HTML, all the that's necessary to make my own blog template well I understand bits and bots here and there
108. Compliment a stranger (and in person)
109. Try speaking in chipmunk by inhaling helium
110. Earn my diploma Alhamdulillah, I did. 2012.
111. Go up in a hot air balloon
112. Go kayaking
113. Jump on a trampoline
114. Win an award/trophy or prize Pelajar Terbaik Program (2011). Lol that counts
115. Witness an eclipse
116. Witness aurora
117. Pat a dog I did while I was helping my sister at her animal clinic
118. Witness sunrise/sunset
119. Perform the hajj/umra'
120. Take a midnight walk on the beach could only hear the waves. Fascinating
121. Visit The Great Wall Of China
122. Visit Aquaria KLCC
123. Give up eating fast food
124. Fly a kite
125. Have a nice picnic with buddies Kelam-kabut was more like it lol
126. Save more than RM5000 in the bank
127. Hang a disco ball in my room Albeit cheap, I have one nao! :D It fell lol
128. Visit Kunming, China
129. Touch a pregnant woman's belly Kak Aini's
130. Climb Broga Hill
131. Learn how to fold paper cranes I'm an expert nao!
132. Tie-dye a shirt
133. Learn to fold paper stars
134. Visit Camp Nou
135. Backpacking on a foreign land
136. Enter a Disneyland, any
137. Watch a football match in a stadium Malaysia XI vs Liverpool FC, 16.07.2011
138. Go to Ampang Look-Out
139. Try archery
140. Visit a funfair, it's been a while
141. Play laser-tag
142. Start my InspirationBook
143. See A Day To Remember LIVE
144. See You Me At Six LIVE 02.09.2014, KL Live cries Josh was such a perfectionz
145. See All Time Low LIVE 08.10.2011, Rockaway Fest 2011 :)
146. Play a song with my ukulele Liquid Confidence by You Me At Six, lol
147. Drive Mazda I did and I scratched her rim. Am never gonna be allowed to drive that car again lol
148. Memorize El Cant del Barca
149. See Joe Brooks LIVE 03.03.2012, KL Live :)
150. Take a picture with KLCC as the backdrop, just because It turned out dark and ugly lol
151. Eat, or at least taste, Mama's spaghetti FOINALLY xD
152. Be underweight, just to know what it feels like to be one
153. Do a cross stitch
154. Make a dreamcatcher
155. Try knitting
156. Eat/bake a rainbow cake The one we got was meh
157. Own an analogue camera
158. Go to the Floating Lanterns Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand
159. Go to a stand-up comedy show
160. Watch a theatre/play/musical
161. Sew my own tote bag
162. Try eraser carving
163. Bound my own book Simple thread sew. Need to learn coptic and all
164. Make a garland/bunting Made a bunch for table4candy
165. Make fruit popsicles (with real, chopped fruits!)
166. Pet a koala Featherdale Wildlife Park, 2012
167. Pet a kangaroo Featherdale Wildlife Park, 2012
168. Go to Legoland Malaysia
169. Go up KL Tower
170. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
171. Or just walk across it haha
172. Go up Tokyo Tower
173. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and take tourist-y pictures
174. Watch Jake Shimabukuro performs 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' LIVE
175. See the Eiffel Tower
176. Make my own ice-cream
177. Be on KLCC's SkyBridge
178. Go to a Cat Cafe in Japan
179. Go to Sanrio Puroland
180. Try screenprinting
181. Have N'Sync's This I Promise You played at my wedding lol 
182. Go to Beijing
183. Do an IKEA hack
184. Try analogue photography
185. Drive Hachiroku I did!
186. Go to a host club in Japan lmao
187. Go to Hello Kitty Town, Johor
188. Go somewhere where snow piles up and:
189. Make a snow angel
190. Make a snowman
191. Have a snow fight
192. Get a degree Checked!
193. Meet a Barca player. Messi is most preferable lmao
194. Buy my own place
195. Go to New York and buy an 'I ♥ New York' tee
196. See Mayday Parade LIVE 05.03.2014, Chin Woo Stadium
197. See Dangerkids LIVE
198. Have Ryan Cabrera's True played at my wedding lol
199. Pluck fruits straight from a tree at an orchard
200. See The Maine LIVE
201. Eurotrip, enough said.
202. Climb Mount Kinabalu
203. Or just go to Sabah with the hobos
205. See Hands Like Houses LIVE
206. Go to a sunflower field
207. Explore Kuala Lumpur, like how Azreenchan did
208. Ride an ATV Phuket, 2014
209. Play a PS4
210. Give duit raya (from my own pocket)
211. Fly first class
212. Try waterfall abseiling Gopeng, February 2015
213. Try white water rafting Gopeng, February 2015

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