June 28, 2010

FIFA World Cup;

Yes, I have to admit I became a fan of the world's biggest sport event just recently, simply because I had daily dose of Messi's and Lampard's face (you know, in the 'Mak, dua mat salleh!' advert on Astro?) on TV. At first I was like; "WTF such crappy advert (but that short dude is kinda cute), WTF such poor acting skills (but that short dude is really kinda cute), WTF the wife is seriously annoying (but that short dude looks so cute smiling sheepishly liddat), ZOMG I NEED TO WATCH THE WORLD CUP".

I mean, putting Messi aside, how could I, Kiwa afford to miss the world cup, yet again? NEVER.

But then again, I don't subscribe to Astro Supersport, so how the hell can I watch any FIFA match? Mamak is surely not an option. I don't really fancy the idea of going to mamak because:
1) I hate going out (I'm a bit anti-social, if you still haven't realized that)
2) I hate being in a place where fucktards smoke non-stop
3) ... Skip it, not important.

Or so I thought lah. TV1 and Astro Arena to the rescue! The first match that I watched was probably between Argentina and Nigeria, which spark my sudden interest in Messi, who was then the only player I know playing on the field. But I soon realized that TV1 and Arena only show certain matches, much to my utter disappointment.

I remember how I voluntarily drove Jiah and myself to my aunt's house in Keramat, just so that I could watch Argentina plays against South Korea. Later on I whined at Mama to subscribe Supersport and to my surprise, she called Astro the next day. Soon the sport channels graced the TV in my living room. Finally. So, world cup, here I come! *super happy*

Anyways, I actually intended to write a post about the game between Argentina and Mexico. But I got distracted lol. Well, I'd be completely bias towards Argentina anyways. So to end this practically pointless post, I'll present you with this:

Heinze, ILY

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