Well hello. My name is Syakira but most people call me Kiwa. I am a 20-something graphic designer and I live in a tropical country called Malaysia. For the curious, Malaysia is located in the Southeast Asia. I love designing, drawing, traveling, crafting, music, animals, cute things and football (I am a huge FC Barcelona fan). Right now I'm super obsessed with cows and watermelon goodies. I get excited easily and I am constantly in the lookout for things that inspire me, yays.

+ The Story Behind the Name Kiwa +
When I was small I can never pronounce my name correctly so I said my name as 'Syakiwa' instead of 'Syakira'. The name Kiwa has stuck with me ever since! Side story: I always thought how great would it be if I was born in New Zealand because then I could introduce myself as Kiwa the Kiwi. It's just has a funny ring to it hihi.

+ The Blog +
potatopanic! is where I post my thoughts, arts, DIYs, photo dumps, football and every little thing that crossed my mind. I created this blog sometime in 2010 but back then I was so new in the blogging world, my posts were all so cringe-worthy. The blog became half-dead as I was finishing my degree too. Now that it is over and done with, I plan on giving my blog a new life so stay tuned, guys!
I have 4 furkids whom I adore very dearly, but none of them seem to like me that much though *cries*. Maybe I should learn to annoy them a little less. From top left: Moji, Smokee, Bulat and Bobot. Past readers would notice that I love to take shots of my cats. I even have a dedicated cats tag! They feature on my Instagram regularly too.

+ Equipments +
My photos are taken and edited using:
My old Canon 450D with either the 18-55mm or 50mm f/1.8 lens
My iPhone 5s or iPhone 4s
Edited with Adobe Photoshop CS5 or VSCOcam on iPhone.
+ Tags: Explained +
I have several post tags so I thought why not I explain them for you guys.

adventure: About traveling and places I've been to.
art: My artworks and designs.
cats: Pictures of my cats, or anything cat-related.
day-to-day: My daily posts. 
DIY: About the things that I made or DIYed.
football: About FC Barcelona and football.
inspiration: About things that inspire me.
little words: Short, mostly image-only posts.
loud sounds: About the concerts/gigs/shows that I go to.
photo dump: Picture heavy posts.
tutorial: My tutorials.
wishlist: Things that I wish I could have.
youtube: Video posts.

I hope you will enjoy your stay!

xo Kiwa


  1. You have such a beautiful blog, Kiwa! What a pity mine is neither organized nor updated! Lol!

    1. Hello, Gianell!

      Thank you so much for visiting! My blog is pretty much dead now because I got caught up with work sobs. What a waste too since I spent quite a while creating this layout xD


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