It's All Good

May 30, 2010

Mood: Awesome
Listening To: Cyborg Assassin Ninja - I Explode Like

Say hello to Muffin's (my DSLR's lame name that I gave him, FYI) new friend;
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II!
I can nao has delicious bokeh in my pictures, fuck yess!
*insert super happy face here*

Thanks to Milly for doing all the negotiations to get a fairly good price for the lens and a filter. I shall forever be in your debt, hun. The next time I'm gonna go get something from Low Yat again, I'll definitely drag you along. :)

Few test shots, modelled by my precious purr machine; Tigger:

OK this one is blurry but I cannot resist:
"feed me, NAO"

later today, my whole family (minus Jiah) and I went to watch:
Totally made me fell in love all over again with Jake Gyllenhaal.
Go watch it now, if you haven't.

Anyhows, this story was based on a game, which I don't play. I think it is better that way though since most movies that I've watched that were adapted from either novels or games turned out to be a bit disappointing. Try Twilight, for instance. Or P/s: I Love You, Harry Potter and Eragon (OK I didn't read this one, but Jiah said the book was 100 times better).

It's best for me to not know the original storyline to avoid any disappointments later on. I heard people saying things such as "the blabla was not in the game" and "in the game blabla was not blabla" after watching the movie. Can be a bit of a mood spoiler, no? Just my 2 cents xD
yummy :P


  1. yezz bebeh i haz it and luhving it :D

  2. Eeeeee tak maluuuu padahal dulu awk langsung tak minat photography :P

  3. bahaha kte mmg x minat photography
    but i fuckin laffs bokeh :>

  4. Nuuuuuh liar. Bukan bokeh je. Fisheye? :P and and now explain why you have those jelly lens? :D muahaha!


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