Fun At The Peak!

May 22, 2010

*Picture heavy post.

Mood: Bored
Listening To: Monument - A Day To Remember

me, Ainaa, Brr Brr, Lisa and Sher went to Genting Highlands on the 19th till the 20th May

and boy, it was FUN
too bad Brr Brr had to leave early due to an urgent call from home :(

anyways, the weather was just nice for us to have the ultimate fun; 20oC and sunny
just pure heavenly

low season = less people = shorter queueing time = I LIKE
(this pretty much sums up the sentence I've been having the problem of explaining)

anyways, here are the annoying photos:
the happy faces; floating mid air
introducing: Brr Brr The Serene
arrived safe and sound, and super excited
yes, we love 'talipon awam'. CLASSIC
escalator camwhore attempt 1: FAIL
escalator camwhore attempt 2: your head, Sher
escelator camwhore attempt 3: um, better?

our future accommodation; The First World Hotel

O hey, I can finally be as tall as Brr!
Lisa's turn
introducing the BFF: Lisa & Sher
BEP mocking attempt: WIN
introducing the handsome among us: Ainaa
sneakers solemates
look Ma, it bloats!
jumping photo attempt: FAIL
smexy pout, courtesy of Brr
bokeh, sorta
er, child-angle-of-view?
it's thur spinner!
round no.2!
next: magic cup!

well after that we sent Brr Brr back to Genting Skyway as she needs to go back home

gimme some skin!
lunch. ala carte :P

we rode a few rides after that but were too lazy to snap photos

waiting to check-in. current no: 221. our no: 504. WTF
yes Ainaa, I can see that you're bored
bokeh, sorta #2
the view from our room
they just had to

after that we went to rode some rides, but again, too lazy to snap photos

I found my long-lost boyfriend, the beruk *happy*
good morning, sunshine!
artistic pic attempt: FAIL
leaving the room
living definition of 'I love myself'
bokeh, sorta#3
Lisa's drug face!! YES!
low-shutter photo: MAJOR PHAIL
snow world!
camwhore pic FAIL
camwhore pic WIN
tired legs
Sher, so hungry to the extent of eating fake leaves
emo much?
one last, yummy picture :)

I'll definitely visit Genting again, soon

All photos were taken by either one of us, using an EOS 450D
Shot using the Program Mode, cuz we were too busy having fun to even care about shutter speeds and aperture
Lousy edit by me :)



  2. lepas ni nak drug face sher, brr, and ainaa.
    then the world will be fair again


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