April 16, 2012

*Picture heavy post. Updating my blog with outdated posts because I need to stop myself from spending my time watching The Big Bang Theory. Bear with me.

The Majlis Anugerah Dekan (or DL Lunch as we called it) this time around was at the Equatorial Hotel, Malacca. The purpose of this ceremony was of course, to celebrate those who made it into the Dean's List for the May-October 2011 semester. 

The day started with both Diyana and me waking up late so we missed the buses that UiTM provided to take us to the hotel. Frantic, we showered, ironed our bajus and got ready quickly. I drove OB to the hotel like a mad woman only to find that the ceremony hasn't started. Phew.

Here goes the pictures. Nicer ones were stolen from Syiro and crappy ones were from my compact.
My table buddies.
From left: Azreen, Belle (Dato') and Ola! :D
With Syiro and Emira from neighbouring tables.
This is how crappy my compact is. No focus whatsoever *sigh
12th February and I'm blogging about this 2 months later #champion
No I have no idea why they called it the Seminar Kecemerlangan Akademik.

Staying true to our Campus' Rector's fashion, we had to sit through his long speech, other people's long speeches as well as waiting till all students received their awards on stage before the foods were served. I spent the time fooling around with Dato':

In case you're wondering, we had this joke that Belle is a rich sugar daddy and I'm one of his call girls wtf.
Belle's fail drawing of Patrick and me trying to draw him too but with the same amount of fail.
Do these words make sense wtf.

From left: Diyana, Sab and Umi with their awards.
I forgot to take pictures with mine. Oh well.
Hungry people are hungry.
Didn't take pictures of the foods because satisfying my hunger was more important wtf.
The menu.
The foods suck and were inadequate to feed 10 hungry lions per table #true story
Crappy compact is crappy *smashes camera on ground*
Me and Dato'.
I borrowed my housemate's Charles & Keith handbag and felt fabulous all day wtf. #poor
Emira wrote this note before we leave which caused the waiter to perasan and senyum sorang-sorang.

The day ended with a visit to a nearby McD. Told you we were hungry :D


  1. Congratulations, Kiwa! :D And I also like your post about Leo and those kids too. Heheh

  2. Thanks bro :D

    I KNOWWW. Cakap: 'Leo with kids is the cutest thing ever' cepat. Nao! Nao! :D


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