August 07, 2011

The weekend was spent doing the usual, nothing. I seriously can't be at home because I never get anything done when I'm at home. None. Na da. I am ashamed of myself. I'm heading back to Lendu in a couple of hours and am preparing myself to burn the midnight oil to finish these shitloads of things that needed to be done before dawn. Yes, Kiwa. You better prepare those Oreos bcuz you iz not sleeping tonite!

I think the only productive thing I've done today is washing Oren Busuk:
Behold Oren Busuk, the most awesome orange Myvi ever.
Yes, we the Hashims wash our own cars, because we're awesome like that. 
No actually because the carwash was closed. Bummer.
I left him unwashed for quite a while since these past few weeks have been extra hectic. Due to that, his handsome body was covered with dust and bird poop. Now he's back to his prime and glory! Can you see him sparklin'? I'm sooo bringing a gun back to Lendu so that I can shoot the birds before they poop on my baby! Muahahaha.

I'm kidding I don't own a gun don't arrest me dear police officer!
Anyways, selamat berbuka puasa everyone!


  1. Ingat comel la camwhore macam tu? :P Anyway, selamat berpuasa to you too ;)

  2. I have a cow puppet, and you don't. U JELLY?



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