April 15, 2012

This was sitting in my draft for quite a while so yea:

I was watching TV with Jiah the other night. It was really late, the programmes shown were crap as expected so we switched to MTV because OK-Karaoke was on. Who doesn't like to sing-a-long to songs you tell me?

Anyways, at one point, they aired this song (which I don't even bother to Google who the artists were-- I'm pretty sure you know but if you don't please Google them yourself):

Jiah and me were like:
Don't get me wrong, I mean no hate but why?? Does anybody really, really sings this song whenever they do karaoke? 

Do you? 

Where iz the lyrics wtf. 90% of the MV they were singing woo-woo-woos. It was not a bad song, a good song for parties, clubs or video montages even but that is not the point here. The show then continued with similar wtf MVs and KPop MVs. 

MTV, I used to rely on you for good music. Now, ayem disappoint. -____-"

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