Look, Socks

April 16, 2012

I don't really like kids but for these critters I'll make exceptions.*is shallow wtf

So, Messi's gonna be a dad, huh?
*munch cookies*

Even if it's just a rumour, I can't wait to see him with a baby on his arm.
It'll be like watching a baby holding another baby.
Babyception wtf.

Here, here lemme show you *eyes glint*:

Can you spot him among those kids?
Yeah, neither can I. 
 His face omg.

 OK I shall stop before you got disgusted.

lol jk I won't.

Now I can't wait for title celebrations at Camp Nou even more omg.


  1. i refuse to believe that he's having a baby...sibuk la si Antonella tu, how will this affect his focus, trainings, games...he's too young for this...unless he wants to be like Cristiano, and leave all the babysitting to his mom and whoever else. But am sure Leo will be a dedicated dad...and that will affect his focus, trainings and games...arrrghhhh, sibuk betul girlfriend nya yang berambut sampai ke pinggang itu!!!

  2. Haha I'm pretty sure this is just a rumour. I think Messi himself knows the heavy responsibilities of having a child.

    But still, Messi with a baby would be the most perfect thing ever.

    Omg I can't even :')


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