July 12, 2013

Last weekend, Naziera and I decided to have a mini roadtrip to Bandar Melaka. It was kinda impromptu-ish. Goodness me, I woke up late and even packed my things in the morning of the trip itself. We didn't really have any set plans in our minds; all that we know was we wanted to go Melaka because it has been a while since we last been there. 

A lot has changed in Bandar Melaka. Dataran Pahlawan in undergoing a renovation, new buildings are emerging, shops that we loved has since been closed, items are now even more overpriced than before, and the saddest thing is that there are rumours that the state government is planning to close down Jonker Street. It's absurd and borderline stupid if you ask me since Jonker Street is a well-known tourist attraction but hey, what do I know? 
Regardless, Melaka still holds some of its charms. I wonder though if I were to come back in say, five years, will things change even more? Will Melaka lose its 'heritage city' identity because people are too busy chasing urbanization to give heritage preservation a chance?

I hope not. 

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