July 03, 2013

Huda has these two beautiful angels. I'm in love with them, I wish I could grab them, put em in my bag and bring them home. But that's impossible because I have Smokee, an alpha male who refuses to come to term with any felines other than his 'sister', Tigger. They are old now so I just call them the Grumpy Grandpa and Grumpy Grandma. 

Come to think of it I always capture pictures of my very own furkids and post them here because they make me happy every time. I really should get my kit lens fixed asap, yes? I miss home, I miss my cats. I really can't wait for Friday, meeeeps.
p/s: Tagging my pictures of cats and cat-related posts with 'cats' because I aspire to be a crazy cat lady meowmeowmeow.

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