July 03, 2013

I've never been good with kids. I don't really hate them per se, I just don't know how to deal with them. I don't know how I should act around them. I mean do I have to baby talk and act all cutesy to them like I do with cats because I often see people do that but if it were me, the kids would be running away in terror because I am that creepy. 

Ok I exaggerated about the running away part but the bottom line is kids are afraid of me lol.  

Other people would squeal in excitement at the sight of a baby but the best I could give is an awkward smile  and pray that the baby would smile back at me so that I could feel better about myself. I won't lie, I am always jealous at those who knows how to handle kids. I wish I could be as kid-friendly but I'm such a sad case of a social retard it's not even funny. I've never even truly held babies in my arms because I'm always afraid that I'd drop them omg I mean babies are like so fragile I can't even *shivers*

Anyways, last weekend we had to shoot a video for one of our assignments and I had to be around kids. And I survived. It was understandably very awkward for me at first but as the day passed by, it got better. I enjoyed how cheeky these little kids can be and watching them was so amusing. I'm surprised that they don't find me creepy or grumpy. Maybe I 'm exerting less 'kid-hating' vibe now? Good job, Kiwa *pats self on the back*
I guess kids are not that bad after all.


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