June 29, 2013

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I'm home.
I am not supposed to be, what with final assessments are lining up and I have a lot of things that I need to finish. But I'm beyond stressed that I need to get away from everything and go to the place where I know I will find solace; 
my home.

This week has been the toughest to me so far. Study wise, that is. When I was in diploma I went through though times as well but now it's different. Back then I don't hate what I do. I don't hate learning graphic design. Now, I do. I don't know what changed me. Perhaps I'm tired of feeling like I'm learning nothing and just wasting my days being in Puncak Alam or perhaps I'm just finding excuses as to why I'm not performing well in my study. I bet it's the latter. 

Well, I'm home now. I'll be rushing back to Puncak Alam in a few hours from now and I think I should get some sleep. 

Or not. Since I have a lot to do.


Google reader is shutting down. Follow me on BlogLovin for updates of my new post(s). I apologize for the lack of any decent posts lately. School is tough, my camera broke and my life is particularly too dull lately to even be worth writing about. I miss taking pictures and I miss doing crafts and checking out DIYs or even read my posts from my favourite blogs. Time, I need you.

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