Joe Brooks @ The Bee, Publika 2013

May 24, 2013

*Picture heavy post because too much British hotness I can't.

On Monday I went to see Joe Brooks for the second time! You can read my last year's entry here. As soon as I've finished all of my classes that day, I drove home, showered, got ready and had roti canai before both Jiah and I went to Publika. We initially thought that by the time we got to The Bee, the show has already started but we were wrong. Lucky us. 

There was a complimentary photobooth set up by GAP outside of the venue so both of us happily got ours taken before going in. The crowd was fairly small, but it was just nice. It was not crowded and I didn't have to exchange sweats with other people so I'm sold. We waited for a bit before Narmi and his boys took the stage.
This Narmi dude, or Imran which is his real name, was good. Naziera was raving to me about him so I was kinda excited while I waited. His voice was soulful and his acoustic take on FUN's We Are Young was spot on. And, he's cute to boot! He kept on saying 'hi' to us and everytime he did he had this smile omg adorable. Narmi, you just gained yourself a fan hihi.

And then,
Joe Brooks.
 The only shot of Matt that I got because Joe is always in the way lulz.
 And Clinton. Sigh.
 He pushed his hair back and then BAM he became hotter I can't with you, Joe, I can't.
You life ruiner, you.
Joe Brooks, like last year, did not disappoint. And just like last year, he almost brought me to tears again. It was worth every penny seeing this man live I tell you. Because his voice is beautiful. He sounded so, so amazing live. If you haven't seen him live before, you have to. Then you'll find yourself loving him more. But credits to his band too. They were just as amazing as well. I have some of the songs recorded but since I'm bad with videos I couldn't share them with you guys, sorry. But I bet there's some on youtube. 

When the show ended they announced that they're doing an autograph session! So Jiah and I went for the line and bought posters. Would love to get his new album but it's still not on sale yet so yea.
I only managed to say 'how are you?' to Branden before my nerves got me. Plus the management started to rush everyone so I panicked but I did shook hands with all of them. I felt guilty afterwards because I wasn't supposed to do that but it was the spur of the moment I'm sorry.
Joe Brooks, if you come back, I'll be there again. Mihmih.


  1. Kiwa! OMG I'm so jealous! kite mmg nk ikot tp nak buat mcm mne, jauh diperantauan la katakan...haha -Dirachi

  2. Tu la. Too bad dia buat on a week day. :(

    Next time, okay! :D


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