Joe Brooks Trio Live in Malaysia 2012

March 15, 2012

*Picture-heavy post. Navigate away while you still can.

Fangirl Mode: ON 

Blogging about Joe Brooks' concert at 5 a.m. because this is the only free time that I have in spite of having tons of things that need to be done because Joe's awesomeness needs to be shared. Hah. 
3rd March 2012, I received a text from Nazie saying she managed to get herself a free pass for the concert so yay I have more gals to go kyaakyaa with! Kepoh-ed over the phone telling her to come over to my house so we can all go together. *dance*

Jiah was the driver because I hate driving so when there is an opportunity to make someone else my driver, I jump to the chance. :8)

Being typical women, we got lost on our way to KL Live. Well actually we took a turn too early so with the help of GPS and a phone call we arrived at the destination safely. We parked the car at the basement (which we later regret because the parking fee was RM15 butwhateverwehadfun) and made our way to redeem our passes. There was a makeshift booth selling Joe's merchandise too. The shirts were meh-ish so we didn't get any but we bought this postercard thingy and I got myself A Reason to Swim! We turned *_____* when they said Joe is gonna sign 'em. 
 The call-card looking thing was the pass.
The line was a mess. Actually there was no line at all. They did not separate the people with PSE passes and normal passes so when it was time to let us in, it was a bit chaotic. We also had to part with Nazie because she had a different pass.
Those lights can make eyes go blind I tell you.
&& The hall was ACed so I could tell that tonight's gonna be a good night wtf.
If you were a booger I'd pick you Joe!
The boys made their entrance with Clinton princess-carrying the emcee lol.
No I am not jealous.
 This is Clinton
 This is Matt with his hipster glasses
 This is Joeeee asdfghjklzxcvbnm
I nearly teared when he came out because I was overflowed with emotions. Trust me I don't really go emotional when I'm at a concert but I couldn't believe that I was looking at him live. In person. Breathing the same air. xD He started singing right away but I can't remember what song it was. Too lazy to check the videos.

Now behold for what lay ahead are pictures of Joe, because I want to. Just scroll down and pretend that you're on 9gag but instead of funny memes, you're looking at pictures of a man being utterly flawless. Muahaha. 
His voice was amazing omg. Even better than the album version trust me.
No actually both are awesome in their own ways.
Aww Joe stop making tuning a guitar so smexy.
No I will not stop writing gross captions. 
 Close-ups of Joe looking serene:
C-c-combo breaker!  
 This is the only look Matt had all evening.
Being shy?
At least Clinton looked cheerful. 
No the pictures won't stop because what else am I supposed to do with a camera in my hand and a gorgeous hunk in front of me wtf.
 I can still remember his accents omgthesexiestthingever.
Can I haz a British boy in my closet please?
Heck can I keep Joe in my closet please?
Again with making tuning a guitar smexay.
At one point a fan passed a cap to him. 
He wore it. 
And BAM! he turned even cuter omghowcanthisevenbepossible 
He played harmonica and guitar at the same time for his new song 'Toronto'.
Yes, we were the first crowd to ever hear that song. It was nice. :D
All of his songs are nice omg.
He received another gift.
In a Victoria's Secret bag. 
It was a t-shirt. 
Luckily it was not a bra because that'd be All Time Low all over again. 
At this point Clinton and Matt left the stage.
Solo Joe was as awesome as the Joe Brooks Trio.  
Classic phone-on-the-air. 
The last song was 'I Find the Light in You'.
It was sang so perfectly omg I can't even. 
We wanted more seriously.

Nazie gif-ed these from the videos that we took: 

*extreme squealing*
Got united back with Nazie for the autograph session! 
The boys back on the stage once more.
Joe: Let's do this shit. 
It begins. 
The part when we went on stage was a disappointment. The crew rushed us so we didn't even get to say anything to the boys. It was like a split second moment wtf. Boo. Oh and I gave my bracelet to Joe. Jiah said he said thanks while looking at me but I was looking down because I was nervous omg Y I no look up Kiwa Y U so dumb. *foreverregrets
 The people after us were treated differently and some were even allowed to hug Joe. As Nazie said, this is a conspiracy lol.
End of the autograph session. 
Last photo.
Are you relieved now?

All in all, it was really truly a night to remember. Apart from the autograph session, we had fun. Joe said he's coming back in June so omg I'm super excited. :D


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  2. I died a few times while scrolling down this post. K bai T_T

  3. I died the second Joe entered the stage. He's so perfect omgomg.


  4. I died again after reading your above comment :<


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