DIY: Spray-paint Your Things

February 24, 2013

Malays have this old tradition of giving boiled eggs as wedding favours on wedding days. I'm not really quite sure why, perhaps eggs are the symbol of fertility? Anyways, more often than not, the eggs are given away inside 'containers', like the porcelain ones I had above. Because I was bored, I decided to spray paint them! (You have to admit, the English-ish patterns are quite dull, aren't they?)
All I need were spray paints and off I went! Since this was my first time holding a spray can, I have to admit the results were sloppy. I learnt that the best way to spray is to spray many thin layers and wait for each layers to dry before spraying another layer. Spraying one heavy thick coat will result in drippings (and that was what I did, unfortunately).

Aren't the end results pretty? I'm so loving the solid colours. Now go spray-paint crazy! Paint things you think would very much need a new make-over. Sometimes a coat of new paint is what is needed to bring back a life of an old item. And since I had paints left, I even painted this wooden tray I got for Mum:

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