February 25, 2013

*Picture heavy post.
It was supposed to be the best night of my 2013, what with this being my first concert of the year and two of my favourite bands sharing the same stage. But it was not quite. We got to the venue late because my gps is stupid. No wait I'm blaming my lack of sense of direction on this. 18 years of living in KL and I am yet to be the master of the roads here. Poor Huda had to wait for us outside of the hall since 5.30 (we had her ticket) and we only got there at around 9.30!


So to no surprise Pierce The Veil were already on stage, and by the time we got in, they were already playing their last three songs. I was heartbroken, but I think Lisa was more devastated since she's more of a Sheepcat than I am. Well at least I get to listen to them singing Caraphernelia & King For A Day. And when they sang them, they sang them with perfection. What more perfection would it be if Jeremy McKinnon was present. *is hopeful*

After that it was Sleeping With Sirens! I don't really know how to describe my feelings then because we were getting pushed around by the crowd, it was hard to enjoy ourselves. I know that was inevitable, being a rock concert and all and I'm sure they were just having fun moshing and headbanging but please, be mindful of your surroundings, guys. I see many petite tiny girls getting squished. Not cool. The show was good nonetheless, the boys did not disappoint. 

Still, it was a good night. Being with those you are close with makes everything seems to be borderline perfect. Good show, good times. It's only February and I'm sure 2013 has a lot more to offer me.

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