August 10, 2012

*Picture heavy post.
Finally got around to update le blog. I was busy with cookies making and whatnot these couple of days. Had to, since I'm unemployed and have too much freetime heh. Eid is just around the corner wah. 
Booked for a window seat. 
Did not pay much attention when booking so I ended up with the plane's wing taking up 65% of my view.
I spent most of my time on the plane sleeping. Pardon my really bad memory but I think the flight was nearly 8 hours long. I remembered the pilot saying we will be arriving early somewhere in mid-flight though. I did not touch my book, sudoku nor my mp3 at all during flight so I was thinking about what a waste of my energy having to carry all those heavy shiznits in my small bag lol.
Probably one of the most beautiful view I ever witnessed. 
I wanna see this again SubhanAllah.
My pre-booked chicken sandwiches. They were ok. 
Wished they were more savoury though.
Dat nose. 
Where can I find these monkeys in Malaysia? I need to see them I really do.
The flight was, as expected, filled with mat sallehs. 
I must say I cuci mata-ed very happily.
The view from so many feet above ground is so breathtaking, MasyaAllah. I wish I have all the money in the world to fly often just so that I can enjoy such view again and again. It made long hours of being uncomfortable in tight spaces seems so worth it.
Got through the immigration with no problem apart from the officer not stamping my passport. It was not a problem really, but I was kinda bummed since things like stamps on my forever empty passport really matter to me, ok? My passport needs a proof that it was once in Australia lol.
Had to rush to our hotel since Mama's conference has started. We took a cab from the airport straight to Darling Harbour.
Mama with Aunty Gee's most favourite man in Sydney, Simon. 
We should've taken a photo of them together.
We arrived quite early from the check-in time but luckily there were rooms ready for us. 
Mama and Aunty Gee got the room just next door.
The view from our room.
Ending this post with a picture of my sock. 

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