Darling Harbour

August 12, 2012

*Picture heavy post.
After a quick rest at the hotel, Mama and Aunty Gee went to their conference so Jiah and I roamed around Darling Harbour. It was cold out, the weather was around 15 degree or so but the sun, the sun ohmyGod, it was so bright and terik we can't even sit without feeling like we're getting burnt. There were no clouds whatsoever. I couldn't even open my eyes properly. If you're wondering, yes, I got tanned instantly. And no, I didn't sparkle.
It was so bright I couldn't adjust my camera properly. Sorry for the overexposed photos.
D'awwh a man reading a book under the sun. I'm liking it here already. *cucimata
There were a lot of people around the harbour. Most of them were taking the opportunity to absorb some sun, while Jiah and I were trying desperately to avoid it. There were a lot of attractions around the wharf too, like the Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussaud's but we didn't enter any though. 
Cute Australian Dad with cute Australian Son.
Adorable, adorable sight wah.
I must say we did a fair amount of walking. I didn't mind that at all. The weather made it so bearable. And not to mention Sydney is so pedestrian-friendly. I hope one day KL will somehow be as safe too.
Annoying birds that will surround you like crazy if you happened to have food with you. Beware of these little thieves. Always. Even the Malaysian crows are not as annoying as them I tell you.
Chinese Garden. We planned on getting inside during our stay in Sydney but somehow we totally forgot about it. Such a shame. I bet the inside is gorgeous. Fee is $6 per entry I think.
Look at the cuteness of that tractor I can't even.
Market City. This is where the famous Paddy's Market is located. It was like Sydney's version of Sungei Wang or some sort. It has a fresh market like Chow Kit too. Went inside and bought some strawberries and grapes.
This is a more shy type of bird. I called them the social-outcast birds wtf.
I think this is the only shot of Chinatown I took during our stay.
After walking around a bit, we ended back at the wharf. Since we don't have anything planned, thanks to our poor planning skills and last-minute everything, we went back to the hotel and slept. And then woke up and watched some tv and then slept again. What a waste of day, I know.

End of day 1. Day 2 next.

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