August 06, 2012

Sunday was spent with making cornflake cookies for Eid over at my cousin's. Cornflake cookies are my fav! And after Iftar I sat with the boys and watched Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan. The match was intense, I can't sit still and my heart was beating like mad. A very, VERY close match but in the end Lin Dan won over LCW.
A quote from tumblr:
The world would have seen an olympian jumping for joy had Lee struck gold. But no one, then, would have been able to see Lee in his vulnerable, tearful form. Maybe it’s best that Lee won silver. Maybe that should have been the way. No one would have seen Lee’s heart as intimately otherwise. No one would have known how badly he wanted the national anthem played at Wembley Stadium. And gold might not have opened the floodgates of support as much as silver did. Lee’s greatest victory was uniting Malaysian sentiment, and that is something only a broken hero could fulfil.
Lee Chong Wei, you made me proud, you made Malaysians proud, you made Malaysia proud. Thank you for trying your hardest, thank you for putting up such a strong fight against such a strong opponent, thank you for uniting all Malaysians, thank you, thank you for everything. It pains me when I see you tearing. Even more when you tweeted that you're sorry. Don't be. You are our hero and always will be.

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