August 04, 2012

A pleasant surprise from Lisa.
I went to Sydney a few weeks ago. It was an impromptu thing. Mama had this conference thingy in Sydney so me and Jiah decided to tag along. A friend of Mama, Aunty Gee was with us as well. Anyways, sticking true to the Hashims' fashion, every preparations for this trip were done at the very last minute. We packed our luggage on the day of our flight itself. I don't know, do most people pack their stuff so early on or are they last-minute-freaks just like us lol?
Tigger seemed to have found a new favourite place to lay on.
My checklist; which proved to be useless because I still missed to bring a few items. That were listed. On my checklist. This beats the purpose of having a checklist written in the first place omg. Yes, I do worry about myself sometimes.
The state of our room while we were packing. I threw all my clothes that I was gonna bring on my rug. 
And my bed. And my chair. And on the table.
All packed up and ready to go.
My suitcase was pretty light because all the heavy stuffs i.e. the food/ration/lifesaver were sumbat-ed in Jiah's bag because she's a great older sister ahahaho
The content of my bag.
I was looking around for days before my flight looking for cheap/secondhand Instax that I can buy or if possible rent. My life was saved when Lisa told me I could borrow her boyfie's. So *cough* massive shoutout to Hamad for lending the Instax to me. Thanks thanks yo.
Check-in at LCCT. 
We flew with Air Asia because we booked the tickets at last minute and MAS has soldout. Even with Air Asia the flight fare was effin expensive. So note to self: book tickets in advance to get cheap cheap deals, Kiwa.
Trying out the instant camera heh.

Will post our first day in Sydney soon.

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