Rockawayfest Showcase 2012

July 31, 2012

*Picture heavy post.
Another late post, yay!

On 12th July, Jiah, Lisa and I went to the RockawayFest Showcase. The venue was at Neverland. A club. A nightclub. I have to admit it was probably one of the most awkward place I've ever been to.  I was so jakun-ed and awkward and was feeling guilty even. Before you have weird thoughts, let me assure you that we did not drink nor smoke, and were only there purely to see the acts.

We're a bunch of good kids, OK? :P

The vouchers.
I bought our tickets through I Love Discounts. For only RM88 each, we get both passes for the RockawayFest Showcase AND RockawayFest happening in October. The original price for both passes is RM200 I think, so yay for discount!

Surprisingly, we found our way to the club. We parked the car, walked to the club's front door to redeem our passes and entered the club. Again, it was the most awkward, awkward feeling ever. I kept on scanning around to see whether the are any other Malays, or to be more precise, girls in tudungs beside me and Jiah. We only saw a couple of them I think. 
An Honest Mistake.
We missed Lab The Rat entirely btw. And because we did not manage to steal borrow the usual 'concert camera' that we usually used in the past concerts we've been to, the photos are a bit sad.

Very sad actually. I'm still hurt everytime I see these pictures hurr.
Next act up was The Azenders. I have to admit I did not really enjoy them because the songs were just purely wtf-ish and Sam's stage antics were um, over the top/trying too hard/Tyson Ritter-wannabe? I prefer Bunkface more, sorry.
No. Just, no.
We waited a bit and then Motion City Soundtrack came on stage. One word: hair.
The crowd was awesome. Good to see so many of their fans truly having fun, enjoying themselves and singing along. I'm not really a MCS fan but I enjoyed them nonetheless. 
Or actually, I was more fascinated by Justin Pierre's hair. 
And his, squeaky, chipmunk-cute voice.
Good show, bravo.
Can't find the setlist for you guys though. Sorry I have such bad memories with setlists pfft.
Rahul OBS came on stage for a bit telling us some details about RockawayFest. October, Sepang, 6 international acts, loads of local acts were some info he said that I vaguely remember lol. Can't wait. Oh see here for updates released today.

Last act was Boys Like Girls. *cue in fangirl screams*
Martin, Y U No throw picks at my direction sheesh.
I have to admit. I fangirled. A lot. Seeing Martin and the boys being utterly gorgeous just made me go *___* This is the third time they've been to KL, if I'm not mistaken. I missed them in World Stage 2009 because we got lost on our way to Sunway Lagoon wtf. Then in 2010 they came again for a Nokia event and I finally got to see them and *soft voice* nearly touched Martin. (If you're wondering, the crowd was pushing around and a few of us, me included, fell pfft) And now, I get to see them again! *wipe tears*
Dem you mobile phone, I would've gotten a decent shot of Paul but asdfghjkl.
Blurry Martin. 
Please pretend that I deliberately blurred his face in an attempt to be artistic and feed my love for bokeh wtf.
Not gonna say much bout BLG because I'll be so bias and say that they were wonderful, awesome, handsome, everything I expected lol (but they really, truly were!). I bet others will beg to differ so yeah xD Enjoy these badly-taken pictures jelah, ok? :'3 Btw the camera I used died all of a sudden so I had to rely on camera phones instead. Great.
Can I ship MartinxMorgan or.
Martin being a proud papa everytime Morgan is taking over wah.
Sigh see how close I am to the stage? I wish I had an awesome camera then T___T
Sigh Martin ILY.
I think a few girls have exploded ovaries everytime they sang closely wtf.
Mine still intact no worries wtf.
Oh hello Paul.
*girls ovaries exploding*
I was pretty bummed Bryan left (because I love his hair). But dang Morgan did not disappoint *___* I kept switching from staring at Martin to staring at him. I can't decide o___o
Aaaand I'm ending this with a super blurry pic heh.
It was a good night. Few people were jerks in the crowd but that's expected since Malaysians can be such fucktards sometimes. MCS and BLG both rocked out awesomely, what's more could I ask for? Wait actually there's one thing. Please, I beg you, no more gigs in a club. I hate feeling so awkward lol. And I hate crowded closed space where people smoked themselves stupid while us non-smokers have to suffer. 
Woke up the next day with this on twitter. Spot my head lol.
Fun, fun, fun!
Next; RockawayFest!

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