DIY: Lace Jewelery Holder

July 29, 2012

Just felt like sharing this DIY because it's so easy and I like doing easy things muahaha. I made it as a gift for a dear friend of mine. Not really proud of it though cause I wish I had better lace and a better frame. Oh well.

Anyways here goes:
Things you need:
1. Lace 
2. Frame 
3. Scissors 
4. Strong glue 
5. Clip (not in picture because I forgot xD)
6. (Optional) Colour paper
7. (Optional) Normal glue

The following two steps are optional. I did them because the lace I used was almost the same colour as the frame's, um, backing? Just gonna call it that because I don't know what it is called wtf. Anyways I wanted the lace to stand out a bit from the backing but sadly the only coloured paper I have around was this brown kraft paper thingy. My craft supplies are so sad omg I need new thingssss.

Alright, focus Kiwa *clears throat*
Trace the size of the frame's backing on the colour paper and then cut it.
Glue the paper.
Next, cut your lace. 
Make sure you cut it bigger than the size of your backing.
Like so.
This is the clip that I forgot lol. 
You might not need one but it make things easier for you to do and like I said I like it when things are easy. OK Kiwa shut up.
Clip your lace in place and start glue-ing! :D
Make sure to pull it tight.
If your backing has hooks like mine, make sure the lace do not cover them because you might need them if you want to hook your frame on the wall.
Put the backing inside your frame.
Ready to use.
Btw, you can always decorate your frame nicely if you want.
I just left it as it was because I was lazy thought it look neater that way.
Now you can hang your jewelery i.e. earrings or whatever on your frame!
Since I don't have earrings I used a brooch instead just to show you.
Put your frame on your vanity table or hang it on the wall.
If you're like me, who don't own jeweleries, you can use the frame just as it is. 
As a deco item.

That's it, easy peasy.
Happy trying!

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