April 10, 2012

*Ignore the title, I was watching Naruto with my sister

Saw this on tumblr, and felt like doing it because I don't have a life.
Everything is FC Barcelona and nothing hurts wtf.

1. Favourite FC Barcelona player of all time:
Puyol. Surprised I didn't write Messi there? Ahohoho.
2. FC Barcelona player that has left and would like to return:  
Bojan Maxwell because I love his hair :P
3. FC Barcelona player I would like to leave the team: 
No one. I love everyone please don't ever leave omg.
4.FC Barcelona player you dislike: 
How could I dislike any of my boys?? Sigh then I kinda dislike Busi for his tendency to dive but he is a brilliant player nevertheless. 
5. FC Barcelona player you like the most: 
Messi! Xavi! OK I can't pick between them.
6. FC Barcelona player you dream about:
Er... Messi?

7. FC Barcelona player who you think will be a future coach:
Xavi Hernández. *nods head
8. FC Barcelona player I wouldn’t want to leave:
I'd say Messi but he will never leave so I'm gonna say Ibi Afellay :D
9. FC Barcelona player I would have a date with:
Dani Alves because I know we would have fun! :D And The Moc Mocs. :DD
10. FC Barcelona player I would marry:
I'm torn between Messi and Ibi anyohoho.
11. FC Barcelona’s best coach:
I've only seen Barca under Pep so yeap, Pep it is.
12. FC Barcelona first goal you saw:
I can't remember the first Barca game I watched let alone the goal *ashamed
13. FC Barcelona final I will never forget:
CL Final at Wembley against Manchester United. Best game ever.
14. FC Barcelona’s biggest disappointment:
Losing the Copa del Rey to the EE.
15. FC Barcelona’s goal I have yelled the most:
Again, can't remember. But I yelled everytime my team scores so yea.
16. FC Barcelona players eyes I like:
Puyi, Bartra, Pique, Fontas, Sergi Roberto. Everyone has nice eyes omg *drools
17. FC Barcelona players smile I like:
Messi! Xavi! Alves! Afellayyyyy!
18. FC Barcelona players hair I like:
Maxwelllll! Messi!! Puyol! Pinto! Sergi Roberto and Valdes ahaha *trying to be funny but failed wtf
19. FC Barcelona best player of all time:
Lionel Messi. And Xavi. I can't pick ah sheesh.
20. FC Barcelona most handsome player:
Stopping myself from writing everyone but I'll say Ibi, Valdes and Pique :3
21. Anyone in my family support FC Barcelona?:
Jiah does.
22. Do you yell at the TV when the Barça team is playing?:
All the time. That's how I support my team muehehe.
23. Are you the type of person who cries when a team loses a game?:
No. I get sad for a while but that's it.
24. Tenim un nom el sap tothom…
Barca! Barca! Baaaaaaarca! 
25. Describe Camp Nou in one word:
26. Have you been to camp nou?:
No but I want to and I will, someday.
27. Would you like pep to leave?:
No, never! *cries
28. Would you like to see Neymar in the club?:
No. I don't like his hair. :P
29. Would you like to see Van Persie in the club?:
Not really.
30. Do you like Cesc Fabregas in Barça or Arsenal?:
He looks happier with Barca imho.
31. Abidal is…
amazing, strong and loveable :P
32. Puyol is…
the heart and meaning of Barca, the best captain a team could ever have.
33. Messi is… 
34. Barça player that deserves more playing time: 
Afellay! And Pedro. :)
35. FC Barcelona player with the most beautiful children: 
Eric Abidal. His girls are gorgeous! 
36. FC Barcelona player you miss the most: 
David Villa. can't wait for him to be back :')
37. Best team couple:
The Moc Mocs, Messi + Alves, Messi + Villa, Xavi + Iniesta
38. Describe FC Barcelona in one word: 
Mesqueunclub. There. :P 
49. Describe Pep Guardiola in one word: 
40. Describe Xavi Hernandez in one word: 
41. Describe Lionel Messi in one word:
(My)Husband! Adorable! Amazing! Humble! CUTENESS! People ran out of adjectives to describe this awesome human being and you expect me to list down just one? ... NO.
42. Which game did you enjoy the most?: 
Watching a Barca game is always, always enjoyable, but I have to say the CL Final vs MU :') 
43. How do you define a Barça fan: 
Someone who loves Barca as a whole, proud of the team whether they win, draw or lose. A Cule.
44. How many Barcelona Jerseys do you have?:
Only the 2010-2011 kit. I wanch moar! 
45. Xavi Hernandez or Andres Iniesta?: 
BOOOOTHHH. Augh, Xavi. 
46. Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?: 
47. Who do you think is the best girlfriend/wife?: 
Uh I don't really pay attention to wags.
49. Why do you support FC Barcelona? 
The beautiful games they play, the history of the club, the big hearts everyone has, the close relationship between everyone, and the bromance, absolutely. :3
51. Masia favorite player:
I don't really understand this q, I'm assuming my favourite Barca B player? Tello and Montoya.

This was fun :D I don't know what happened to the order of this qs but whatever.


  1. I can't believe you picked Puyol first o_o and number 16 cracks me up xD

  2. Yes, I love our capita the most. He is the epitome of Barca. :')

    Puyi please stop growing oldddd. We need you asdfghjkl T^T


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