November 01, 2011

Hey, hi, hello.
I'm only writing because the date is nice wtf. *ahem* Anyways, these couple of weeks have been nothing but ordinary. Well you can't expect much when I only spend the days being at home. I mean, I would love to go out and have a change of air but then I remembered that 1. Oren Busuk's battery is dead (hence I have no means of transportation. It sucks living in Ampang. FML I want to be back at Melawati sheesh) and 2. I don't have any friends. So yea.

Fuck they look good.
Well I did go to Pipit last Saturday, and Jiah and I wasted our money on stickers. When will we grow up, seriously? Pfft. Other than that, I've been doing random pointless things. Try folding more paper cranes as an example. I wanted to do something artsy but yea I'm too lazy to sew anything, doodle with my tablet or even picking up a pencil for that matter, thus folding scraps of paper into deformed birds sounded good to me. Besides that, you'll find me on my bed either reading books or yea, in front of my laptop.

OK stop with the yeas, Kiwa.

Honestly though, I wish it'd stop raining in the evening so that I can go out for my usual walk, in a lousy attempt to lose weight and meet up with the monkeys, dogs and pigs. But no, the weather's been really bad lately. Sigh. I want a treadmill but a good one will cost my parents around RM6000 and I'd rather let them spend all that money on me. For a trip to Barcelona. *is hopeful wtf*

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