Rockaway Fest 2011

October 25, 2011

*Picture heavy post.
8th October 2011;
Time for Rockaway Fest!

We arrived at Bukit Jalil around 6, just in time to catch Story of the Year. Our first thought when we arrived was: 'is this really a music festival? Why it is so quiet?' Yeap, people were loitering around, standing still and some were even sitting. Catching a break I guess. Anyways we took the opportunity to squeeze ourselves closer to the stage.

I present you my main course, as far as I'm concerned; Story of the Year!
Story of the Year, rocking their hearts out right before my eyes! *____*
This dude. 
Lisa and I were drooling over Dan Marsala. We were like: 'since when did he became so hot?' and 'OMG that's hot stuff overload right there'. And I can't stop snapping pictures of him. Bahaha #fangirling 
They were rocking away just fine when all of a sudden someone decided to steal the spotlight:
Alex Gaskarth.
The crowd (mostly girls, I must add) went frantic. I hope this was all planned or it'd be one of the wtf moments of the day.
OK Dan, back to you. I'd take you over Alex anytime lol. xD
Story of the Year was AMAZING. Amazing. Amazing. And to think that Lisa and I weren't very stoked of going because we were too busy getting old. xD The songs, well, since I'm really bad at remembering setlists, I tried to look for it online but to no avail, heh. But my favourite was definitely when they sang 'Anthem of Our Dying Day'. It was sooo perfect I could cry. 

Story of the Year, done. All Time Low's turn now: 
Nice shirt. *rolleyes
Is it me or does Alex looks a lot like Josh Franceschi? O___o
Another wtf moment: bras were thrown and boobies were flashed everywhere. *smh
Idk, call me old-fashioned but I don't think this sort of behaviour is appropriate in Malaysia.
Yet another, Alex saying: boleh saya sentuh payudara awak? or something like that. 
Oh well it could've been worse. What if he replaced payudara with tetek lol?
Oh hey Rian, there you are! 
I found the setlist! Credits to :)
Although they were one member short, they did great. It was really something else to watch a band you adore live. They did say they'll be coming back but I doubt it though. Apparently some drama happened which I am not aware of during the show. Respect = lost. But yeah, whatever.
The uh, hosts? of the day.
This somewhat indecently attired man is the mascot of the day. 
Meet Captain Rockaway everyone.
During the interval, he revealed himself. 
God I looked horrid. Should've photoshopped my face with a meme wtf.

Next up: Pop Shuvit!
*scoots to the side for better view*
He has a nice voice.
Concert bokeh wtf. 
These balls were bouncing everywhere but we never got to smack it. No fair.
Another one. 
I'm sorry but I really love bokeh no matter how pointless the picture is :D
Boat surf!
I really, really like Pop Shuvit live. They make the atmosphere awesome everytime! But sadly during Marabahaya we got stuck between the moshes and crowd surfs. Someone even landed on Jiah. Nothing happened, no worries. I feel bad for her though cause both Lisa and I are tall so we didn't really had any difficulties surviving but Jiah... *laugh nervously*

Now make ways for Metalasia!
I didn't know who they were so I was kinda surprised to see that they were er, rock kapak-ish.
I'm sorry, Lisa would understand why. xD
I don't know who she was but when she came out we were: 'ZOMG Evanescence!', 'Amy Lee!'. 
Sorry for being ignorant. -_____-"
This man is truly something I tell you. He had a sword!
I can't say much about them since because of people moshing around, we were pushed to the back. There were some problems with the sound system so we can't hear what they were singing about. Still, some clearly enjoyed their performance so yea.

Next, Massacre Conspiracy:
Thanks to them we were pushed even farther from the stage. Heh.
We discussed how similar he was with Lisa's sister wtf.
Again, the sounds were bad. But I don't think I could understand anything even if I did heard anyways. All I could comprehend was rowr, rowr, rowr, rowr. Have I told you I'm far too old for songs that have too much growlings?

Then out came the men that made the festival possible, One Buck Short:
We are forever in your debt, dear misters.

Last but not least, The Used:
It started raining halfway through their performance so we had to put away our cameras. Boo. Anyways, I loved how Bert started each of the songs with 'this is the greatest song ever written' lol. 

Yeap this is the end of this post. Could you tell I was getting lazier getting to the end though? *shifty eyes* Anyways, all in all, this was one of the best days that I ever had in my life. Can't wait for the next RF, September next year. I hope the line-ups will be just as great. It'd be even more awesome if they'll bring ADTR. Hey, I can dream, right.



  1. TL;DR
    Anyway, cool post, bro *bro fist* I love the high quality pictures :D

  2. Wish it'd be even more HQ. I need new camera with awesome zoom range!

  3. kiwa, i cant stop laughing frantically at the "pakcik with sword" part. kita asik terbayang awak cerita aritu. hahahahahaha. haih, baca ni terigt masa pergi World Stage last year. Awh, miss that moment. Jom lepak one of these days? Kita bosan dok uma. LOL

  4. Bahahaha me too! xD Tapi kite suka sebab dia je yang senyum nonstop during his performance :D

    Suuuurrreee Huda. Kite pun ada something nak tanya awak. Tunggu Lisa habis kerja, dapat gaji, then we'll go out. Let's force her to treat us pizzas lol. xD


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