Tigers & Sharks

October 20, 2011

It seems that my last few posts have been considered upsetting and raised a few concerns. I in no ways are trying to fish some attention to myself; that was the last thing on my mind. I was merely trying to vent, lol. Calm your tits lah everyone. *smh* So here's a happy post, sorta.
Drove my ass back to Lendu a couple of days ago because I have to sit for MUET speaking test. Don't ask how did I fare with it. Let's just assume that I did horribly, horribly bad because the only talent that I always, always have is screwing things up anyways. Pfft.

Before heading back home after both of our sessions have ended, Nazie and I decided to stop by Bandar Melaka. I've always wanted Nazie to bring me to the shop where she bought a dreamcatcher for my birthday, so yay! I love you Nazie *kisses* :D
Ooooooh so hipster right nao.
I bought these two medium sized dreamcatchers for Jiah and myself. Would love to buy the small ones but sadly the only colours left are the fugly ones so I decided not to. I also bought two braided bracelets because they were awesomely awesome!

Then, we walked back and forth inside Dataran Pahlawan, looking for things that would tickle our fancies. And my God, there were a lot. My eyes went *______* everytime I see things that I want. But sadly, I don't have all the money in the world. Anyways, my proudest purchase was this:
Yes, envy me dear mortals for I have this awesome piece of wonder dangling on my phone now. Envyyyy meeeee.

Kidding. I wonder why there is a gap between FCB and arcelona though. But it was cheap, so yeah I'm not complaining. All in all, I went home happy that day.


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