June 10, 2011

Hello people of the internet, how ya doin?

I've been absent for awhile now. I actually had a lot of random useless things to post but life's been too hectic it hindered me from doing so. Life's been hard on me. I was stressing myself too much this couple of weeks I experienced the worst art block ever. And when you are taking an art course, you can't afford having an art block. Especially when you have six advertisements due on the next day. *sigh*
And I killed three baby birds. I'm horrible.

And for what it's worth, I hope the recent drama in my life will end soon. I hope some people will just be fucking mature and realize that they are wrong, and stop acting like faggots I never knew that they are. What a shame. What a shame to call you family.

*end of emo post*

On brighter note, it's now Friday. TGIF! I shall enjoy today and the weekend to the fullest. A movie outing with Le Kejus are a guaranteed fun, fun, fun! But for now, I want a good sleep. Diyana who is just a meter away from me seems unlikely to retire to bed soon. This girl rarely sleeps. Aaaalwaysss with her laptop staring at fried chicken pictures things. And I even found the perfect gif to resemble her when she actually does go to bed:
Bahaha that's 100% Diyana

OK before I continue typing even more nonsense, I'll stop here. And to Diyana, tidola oii.


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