June 13, 2011

Saturday went well. As planned, me and 5 other Kejus went for a movie marathon! Well the original plan was to wake up early, jog for a bit and have nasi lemak or roti canai Melayu for breakfast (adding calories right after burning 'em) before heading to AEON Bandaraya Melaka for the movies. 

Yeap, that was the plan.

But since we're awesome like that, we woke up late and argued who should has her shower first because all of us wanted to watch cartoons (too bad only stupid dramas were available during that time. I guess kids nowadays spent more time online rather than watching cartoons on weekends. Wtf act your age, little fuckers *shifty eyes*) on the TV.
Somehow, we managed to squeeze six butts into my bird-poop-covered-MyviBusuk and arrived sound and safely at our destination. Searching for a parking was a hassle, so it was a good idea to carpool. And less damages to beloved Earth too. 
Yes let me introduce them to you: from left are Intan, DiyanaDodol and Zuryn.
From left are Zuryn, Fatin, MagnificentKiwa, Milly and Intan. 
All of my friends are not available for you single men because they belong to me, hurhurhur *lame*

We had nasi ayam for lunch. Most of us envied Milly because her lemongrass chickens were delicious and ours were so-so. Dayumm you ayam serai. You're on my to-eat list nao. And then, it was time for the movies!:
KL Gangster.

Second Malay film that I watch in a cinema, ever (the first one was Seru). I didn't fall asleep so I'd say it was OK. Milly and Fatin kept on freaking out everytime Aaron Aziz graced the screen with his uh, macho-ness. I, on the other hand was busy thinking how scary KL is because of the gangsters. Whatever would happen if I ever to encounter with one on the streets. Oh and the English subtitles were very helpful cuz I had a hard time understanding their gangster language so thank you very much. And I'm pretty sure the quote 'memey lah' will has a permanent spot in The Kejus's vocabulary from now on LOL.

Now, onto the second movie:
X-Men: First Class

The movie was quite awesome. I'm still not happy with my man James McAvoy being the soon to be bald Professor X (simply because I hate that baldie on previous X-Men movies, heh) but James played the part well. And I had other eye candy to distract me:
I didn't know he had a role in this film so when I saw him I was super excited. Mind you I fancied him since I saw him in the Hannah Montana movie (yes, I watched it. With my little sister. Don't judge me). Anyways, I was going 
everytime there was a scene with Lucas in it. Lucas, Y U so handsome? *daydream*

We spent the rest of the day walking around the mall, with everyone buying things that they want. I didn't buy anything in particular but look at the new addition to my wall now:
Yes, we are the Kings of Europe!

It was a great fun being out and about with friends.


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