I Can't Even Express How Happy I Am

May 30, 2011

Finally I got my internet back. I just arrived at home after an 8 hours long journey from Kelantan and I'm wasting no more seconds to get back online, stalk the Tumblrs I've been stalking for I don't know how many months and saving pictures of the glorious day.

Yeap Barca haters, we won.

We fucking won the 2010/2011 UEFA Champions League. 

I'm so proud of my team. They played the game like how I always watched them play. Beautifully. They were amazing, amazing, amazing. This is actually the first time that I was so touched I could almost cry. Like I always said, beautiful team is beautiful. Thank you FC Barcelona, thank you. 

Now I will cut my words short because I have things to pack for I am returning back to Lendu tomorrow. Proper post later, yes? Visca el Barca!

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