May 26, 2011

It has been raining everyday for several days now and today for once it didn't. The weather was all sunny and happy. A good day for doing laundry, yes? And most definitely a good day for a day out in town.

But what did I do?

Instead of going out with my friends for a movie, I bailed on them and decided to roll on bed reading online comics being pathetic. Well I can't help it cuz I'm sure it's gonna be pretty awkward with me there. xD I don't fancy myself being a party pooper.
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Seriously Messi, stop being adorable. My heart cannot take it urgh.

Anyways today the results for my fourth semester came out. And me being a chicken will not even bother checking them because I know I'm gonna suck anyways. Plus the parents are gone to Kelantan so more reason for the delay. Somehow getting messages from dear friends asking how did I do is irritating. Stop asking, please. Spare me some dignity lah people. I know you did well so stop rubbing it to my face.

But then, maybe you're just trying to spread the happiness that you felt. For that I thank you and yes, congratulations.

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Other than that, my old mp3 player that I had in 2008 suddenly came back to life today! I can haz back-up mp3 player nao since my phone's battery keeps on dying on me recently. The only downfalls are I lost the original earphone that came with it and I left my phone's earphone in Ayah's car that is now in Kelantan
I have two music storing devices but no earphones. I've decided. I shall endure the 8 hours journey to Kelantan tomorrow by sleeping. Or just bear with the Thailand songs. Fun.

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