The Usual

April 17, 2011

Stoned. Pfft.

I've been meaning to publish this sooner but it seems like shitloads of assignments kind of stalled me and I left this in draft for quite a while. So efficient I'm blushing wtf.

I had a fairly good weekend. I was back at home, the feeling which I've missed dearly. The days were spent with the usuals, me procrastinating. I thought that since I'm already in the second year of my diploma (and I'm already 20, FML), I should get rid of this bad habit altogether and grow into a much responsible adult. But then, who am I kidding? *le sigh*

Aish kept his words and bought me Wondermilk cupcakes. 
These little babies cost him RM25, poor lad. Muahaha thanks Baby Brother!

Other than that, I watched the first Clasico with Diracchi. It's kind of awkward really because I'm pretty much  a Cule and she's pretty much a Madridista. I was all: "Messi! Ooooh Messi! Kyaa kyaa" and she was all: "Ozil! Ozil! Kyaaa Ozil!". Excuse our fangirling, heh. Both of us were cheering for different teams, different players so I guess that's why the game ended with a draw?

Maybe, just maybe.

Anyways it was fun not watching football alone for once. I need to have moar football-watching buddies! Meanwhile, now that I'm back at dreadful Lendu, I shall get my head into the never ending assignments. Fun fun.

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