April 13, 2011

It's almost 6 a.m.and I just woke up. The initial plan was to just take a quick nap and continue with my illustration assignment, but my body seems to beg for differ. Now I have less time to complete my so-called story book. Boo. And I missed the Barca match, too. Double boo. Glad to know they won 1-0 though (and of course, it was my baby who scored. Muahaha).

On the dull side, I still haven't touch my Interface assignment. And the class is starting in less than 3 hours from now. I'm still pondering whether should I just bail on the class or just be present for the sake of signing my attendance. I've skipped the class once, and I'm not OK with skipping yet another. But then if I do go, I'll be sitting restless for 3 hours because I'm not comfortable doing things inside the cold lab when I could've be all warm and happy in my room. Decisions, decisions.

Now I really should get back to my watercolouring. Bummer.

1 comment :

  1. Look at the difference between Pique and Messi xD Haha it's el-classico then in the semi-finals :P


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