Tour And Something Sweet

April 02, 2011

Today was not well spent. I procrastinate again, surprise surprise. Sorry but I don't really like doing Advertisement assignments. It's just too much. But at least we managed to take a tour around the house the parents' are planning on buying. Our future abode.

It'd be suffice to say that it's beautiful. What's more, the new home will be a lot closer to Ayah's work so him going back and forth wouldn't be such a hassle. If all plans went well, we can move into the house this July! I'm stoked, yes. Especially after seeing the room that me and my sisters will be sharing with (no, I don't get my own room like I previously wished to but this room is awesome too!):
Furnitures are not ours. 

The most interesting things would be the ceiling fans. So bright and colourful, me loike! *___* Too bad the current owner will take them away with him when he moves. 
Seriously uncle, can't you just leave them for us? *wink*

Oh and the owner have dogs! And they're sooooo cute, too. They act all high and mighty, barking at us when we first arrived. But when we came closer they backed away and stood in line doing some barking orchestra or barking in sequence or something. But they're adorable nonetheless:
I wish I could just hug them. So short and fluffy!



  1. Qiwa, u're here in KL? Nk jumpa. Nk pindah ke? Need to story mory with u ni. BTW, the house looks wonderful. :)

  2. Hudaaa. Sorry tak sempat nak jumpa. Kite finals on the 30th. Still jauh lagi oh. But I'll be sure to meet you then :D

  3. Dang, kipas tu epic gila -.- but why the fudge mesti ada anjing oh?

  4. Sebab nak ward off zombies. Or Lisa.

    Mmmbahaha. Tak la, owner tu tak bawak anjing die lagi. Now imagine kitorang nak kena samak satu rumah.


  5. Congratulations, they succeeded -.-"

    What thaaa-- camana nak samak satu rumah? :O :O

  6. Come on, anjing2 tu comel kot. Fluffy! And waktu kitorang datang dekat die pusing2 macam kejar ekor die. Muahaha comel gile.

    Entah. Am Googling it right now.

  7. Kite pun boleh berlagak comel kejar berus cat yang statik atas meja :3 puahahahah!

    Err, nanti kena siram the whole house dengan air tanah ke? o_o speaking of which, kite tak samak lagi ohhhhhh

  8. ... Tak Lisa, tak comel langsung awak. *shakes head*

    Entah kite pun dah confuse baca benda2 ni. Ahh tak masuk exam pun. <__<

    Samak la woi. Sekejap je. Babi kot. :D


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