That Girl

April 05, 2011

O hey look Justin Bieber wore a Barca kit!
Small picture because I don't want to hurt my your my eyes.
I am not amused.
&& if I want to see a shirtless person I'd rather see this:

... Now I'm gonna sit in a corner and cry because that sissy of a boy own a Barca jersey and I don't.


  1. HAHAHA Beaver wears Barca's shirt XD Dia reti main ke pon? XD

    Anyway, I bought Barca's away shirt last couple of weeks and still haven't worn them :3

    You want it? :P

  2. Gossip websites are praising him macam dia hebat sangat. I doubt it though.

    And he wore that kit in Madrid. I swear he wants to get hit. Heh :P

    Away as in the mint green one? Sorry but it won't go well with my skintone. :(

    Tapi kalau bagi free... *menghulurkan tangan* Haha kidding xD


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