March 31, 2011

I'm sitting here alone in my room right now doing something I thought I'd never ever do again in my life.


Or rather, randomly blotching some tainted water on a piece of goat-darn expensive paper. It sure has been a while since I last held a brush. My old watercolour tubes were so dried up I even had a hard time to unscrew the caps. Even so, I refuse to buy a new set and insist on using the old one because I'm a cheapskate like that.

Why iz me liddis? *facepalm*

But really, a whole new set of watercolour would be a waste in the hand of some clumsy and half-assed person like me, heh.

Urgh so yellow he can audition to be a cast on The Simpsons.
He can be Homer's long-lost step great-grandpa from Malaya wtf.

I hope this will be enough to satisfy my Illustration class' lecturer. Because I'm not fond of doing this all over again. Mind you I'm more of a digital work kind of girl old fart. 

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