April 21, 2011

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd Real Madrid wins. Yeap, great start for my day. But despite that, the boys did well after a horrid first half. *proud mom wtf* Visca forever!

Of course, congratulations to Real Madrid. I bet Diracchi is dancing right now.


  1. What, you're doing a Luis Figo now?

  2. Doing a Luis Figo? I don't get it xD

    Haha Ramos dropped the trophy masa celebration atas bus :P Tengok tak vid tu? xD

  3. Er, use the power of Google. :D

    Pffft yea I did and I LOLed like mad. Seriously made my day. Ape jadi dengan trophy tu though? Kemik ke?

  4. Err, nak type ape dekat Google? xD

    Haha 10 minutes later, cops semua crowded that place lepas tu cepat-cepat masukkan trophy tu dalam bus sebab kemik xD Reporter tu also cakap; That's the last time we've seen the trophy :P


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