May 03, 2011

Hello fellow Earthlings.
I've abandoned this blog for quite a while. Well I doubt anybody misses me since all I ever blog about nowadays is football anyway. I'm in serious need of a life. Sheesh *facepalm*

Anyways, after much tears are shed, hairs were pulled and nails damaged, the brutal fourth semester has officially ended. And for that I am truly grateful. I can't bear with all the pressure any longer I even considered quitting once. Thankfully I have friends who can knock some sense in me *drama queen*. Thank you, thank you. 

/via tumblr
And for that you guys deserve a picture of the ever so cute Messi.
Mbahaha xD

Pressure aside, now I am comfortably at home and I'm going to ignore the fact that I have to think about what my minor discipline for next semester will be because for all that I care, I am a free woman. And home is no place to think about shitty assignments. Home is where you can be a lazy ass and just lay around everyday.

Right Tigger?
Right Smokee?
(Blame my cats for being great teachers on Sleeping-Till-Noon-101)

These past few days were nicely spent. I attended a wedding, drove Bibik around so that she can buy stuff to bring back with her to Indonesia, and I got to spend time with two of my close friends. As usual we went out at odd hours, in the pouring rain and with no set destination in mind. Ainaa ended up driving around while we argue on where we should go. Yes, stay spontaneous guys, that's why I love you. *shifty eyes*

Popeye's fries are to die for. Seriously. Damn I feel hungry by just posting this.
Yeap, these are the weirdos I've been talkin bout 5 sec ago.


  1. D'aaaaw :B

    Crazzaaaaay how time flies, now that you're in Sem 5, a step closer :') Kiwa, you've grown up right before my eyesssssssss. SOBS.

  2. *does the 'KISS'!* cepat ah sambut! xD


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