Terima Kasih, Dodol. I Love, Love You *kisses* Hahaha :D

March 26, 2011

Drawn in Paint because I'm awesome like that.

I'm smiling from ear to ear right now because I'm just done reading  the most wonderful post from my dearest roomie, DiyanaDodol. Bahaha thank you girl you almost made me cry but my ego just won't let me, lolol.

It must be hard for you to browse Tumblr and scroll over thousands of cute pictures of Messi and deciding which one to post because all of them are just too damn cute not to post (am I making sense? Oh well). Come on, don't tell me you still don't find Messi a tad bit cute? Don't cha? Don't cha? 

Because he is.
He is cute.
He is super cute.
He is super duper mega cute.
*insert fan girl squeals here*
Because without a picture of him here I feel this post won't do him any justice wtf.

Anyways, I've told you before but I'll tell you again that the surprise all of you gave me was the first I ever received. I was happy. Real happy. Mad, mad happy. *sniff* Thank you for all the trouble, thank you for making it work despite me, not knowingly almost ruined it with my last minute jalan-jalan with Mira. Can't help it a girl gotta window shop whenever she can :D

So to end my post and to show that I love you so, I present thee with this:

Messi loves fried chicken just as much as you do! How could you not love him for that?
But he's not allergic so he can eat how much he wants. You get what I'm sayin'?
&& You better save this picture ha Diyana.
(because I want you to read what I saved this picture as, tu je lol)

p/s: This is my 200th post! I was planning to save it for something else but this will do just as good. Thanks again Diyana! :D

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