March 25, 2011

Did you miss my Messi spam?
I want to post more but I'm afraid I won't stop grinning. Muahaha creepy psycho.

I am home, fellow aliens! 
And it feels good. It feels awesome to be back at home. And I can finally see my parents after what, 3 weeks? They gave me hugs and wished me happy birthday and I finally got to eat some real food (hence breaking my so-called rice diet. But it was so worth it, hmm)

Anyways, I actually planned on blogging about the event 'Symptoms' but I somehow left Martin, my beloved flashdrive at Melaka so I guess it'll has to wait *shifty eyes* For now I shall leave you with a picture of me creepin' behind an obviously uninterested Tigger. Bahaha I love my old cat, sue me.

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