March 26, 2011

Ayah told me as my birthday present, he'll pay for my trip to Barcelona. And I was like:
 OMG Camp Nou here I come baby!

And then Mama told me she can't go because her extract was not accepted because she sent it way past the deadline. So that basically means I can't go to Barcelona because I was planning on tagging along with Mama when she had her conference there. So in the end I was like:
There's always next time, kan? The offer still stands kan Ayah kan? Hehe

So is there anybody from Malaysia planning on visiting Barcelona (especially camp Nou)? May I please, please tag along? I'll be nice to your sons. Muahaha.

... I don't even know why I'm posting this. Maybe deep down I'm crying inside. *sigh*


  1. Barcelona?!!!
    You hafta take me with youuu! XD

  2. Jommm! Messi is waitin for me there (perasan much?).
    Lisaaa, boleh tak kite bawak Farhan lari ni?

  3. Bukan nak jumpe Eric Abidal ke dekat sane? XD
    Haha asal kena mintak izin dia dulu? Just drag me all the way to the Catalonia xD

  4. Oooooh King Abi! Thank God he is recovering well :)

    B-b-but I like Messi more <___<

    Bahaha mesti la kena mintak izin because I'm good like that.
    But seriously I wanna go there, ergh.

  5. Barca dapat lawan with the underdog of the CL lepas ni senang ah xD

    Aww, Messi is too busy with KFC commercials xD

    Haha but Lisa and I are just friends now :'D Oh I can't help with that coz' I'm going no where outta this country for several years now xD HAHA

  6. Hey mana ada underdog. Pep said Shakhtar is the team he didn't want the most (but then again he always say that. Pessimistic much?).

    Naah he's too busy with Adidas commercials now. But I got to see his face in Adidas stores so I'm not really complaining, lol. xD

    ... Really? *awkward silence* Sooo... are you watching Argentina-USA later today?

  7. O_O So, what Pep trying to say is; He prefer fight with a stronger team la? xD Ah, he got the 2nd highest paid manager after Jose in football industry :D

    The new F50+ of Messi is seriously cool O_O I'm saving my $$ for that awesome thingy now :')

    Er, ade tunjuk ke dekat Astro? I prefer watching Germany's game, though :p

    *caption here says; submessi
    so, Messi is a sub now? XD


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