March 08, 2011

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I cried when I read this. It's heartbreaking. It made me think of every stray cats (and dogs) that I saw everywhere. It made me remember how ignorant I've been for not doing anything. I want to, but there's so little that I could do. I couldn't possibly bring all of them home. The least I could do was give them food then and there. But what about the other days? Are they doing OK? Did they survive? 

Now I feel like crying again. I promised to myself years ago to grow up, finish my studies, get a job that makes a lot of money and help these strays. I will, Insha-Allah.


  1. sedih nya :( I cried. kita baru pas bawak balik this 1 kitten. jumpa kat mamak.

  2. I cried too. But crying won't solve anything. Urgh this is just too depressing. :'(

  3. A really sad story. True. Manusia sekarang terlalu mementingkan diri sehingga tidak nampak penderitaan makhluk lain, if only we can open up our heart, buang sikap obses diri sendiri, mungkin kita jadi lebih penyayang dan prihatin!


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