Pretty Average

March 06, 2011

I had such suckie weekdays, I thought why not at least make my weekend more joyful? So off to Bandar Melaka we go. Finally I had a decent meal and a good time. It has been a while and I certainly did not regret putting my assignments on hold for a while.

Though sadly half of The Kejus weren't with us, we had fun circling around in Daiso looking for things that potentially can be sold, petting rabbits and staring at the cutest, fluffiest chinchilla I ever saw. We heard an old boyband song that we both loved and excitedly bought sticker labels, cheap balloons and paper dolls-- those small  things that were significant to us growing up. Can't believe they're still around.

Anyways, I made a mental note to buy peacock feathers and a dream catcher someday, preferably when I have my own room that I wouldn't mind hoarding junks into. Which is going to be soon, Insha-Allah.

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