Not Placid

March 08, 2011

I'm shaking.
What happened last Friday will possibly be repeated tomorrow. I hope she'll not make it. Is she does, I hope I can manage to get through all of the drama without breaking down in tears, again. I'm beyond emotionally unstable right now. I miss home. I need to be at home. I don't know when did I become such a baby, but I certainly am one right now. 

What? I'm hungry. Get over it sheesh.

It's a few hours till the match everyone's been anticipating. And I'm kinda nervous. Today, I saw lots of people adorning The Gunners jersey. Everywhere around our small campus. If I had one of the Blaugrana, I'd be wearing it, too. And I will be proud to. Too bad I don't so that's OK. I'll be clutching my mini Blaugrana tightly and cheer for our boys with all my heart. Visca el Barca!


  1. Hey cheer up! Don't be sad. Lets hope Barca's game tonight will cheer up you :D


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