One - Nil Is Enough

March 06, 2011

This morning's match was one of the most interesting match I've ever watched. Our boys were excellent, our boys were brilliant. There were plenty of chances, it's a shame only one ball went through (Keita, you ma man!). But hey, we secured the three points, so complaints and nags are not needed, yeah? Heck, getting weekly doses of Messi are actually all I ever need wtf.

Am glad Valdes is back, I missed his lonely goal celebrations. And I miss our Tarzan/Captain Caveman too. Puyi, please recover soon.

Now I'm waiting anxiously for the return leg of CL this Tuesday (Wednesday). No matter what happened, I'll always be proud of our boys. Visca el Barca!


  1. Good game, Barca! :D

    But my Liverpool won against the scum, Manchester United 3-1 ;P

  2. *raises hand* I request the highest of five!
    Way to go Liverpool!


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