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March 26, 2011

...I love how my title rhymes!

Look what I got from Diracchi this evening!!!!!11!!one!!!!eleven!!1
OMG I love it so much I danced in front of everybody and won't stop smiling and basically showing it off to everyone who haven't seen it. Yes, they were annoyed but they just let me being me (i.e. so-silly-it's-annoying-but-we-still-love-her-so-we'll-just-let-her-be) so muahaha thanks thanks.
No silly, this present is not cikai at all (in fact it was soo thoughtful I nearly cried. Why am I such a crybaby grrr) and your handwriting is still cute, the same just like when you were in highschool. I loooooovvvvveeee ittt!
Thank you Dira. You're the best! I don't know how I can ever compete with such gift but I shall try. Let's wait for your birthday, eh?

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