Random Update

January 02, 2011

/from tumblr

Driving is tiring.
Driving alone is even more tiring.

Today, I traveled from Kuala Lumpur to Lendu in my trusty old blue Kelisa alone, without a co-pilot. It's not the first time so I'm not afraid or anything. It's just boring driving for 2 hours without someone to talk to. And it made me sleepy too.

Tomorrow will be the start of the new semester. 
I'm so nervous I can't think straight.


  1. oh kiwa. sian nye awak :( i wish i can teman u. dah la nk g melaka xdapat lagi ni :DD

  2. @Lisa: *high five* I miss hooome. Haha mengada xD

    @Huda: Someday, jom laa datang Melaka. Pergi Jonkerwalk eh? :D

    @et: I like it too. Mengundang gila xD


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