The First After Four Months

January 21, 2011

So Barca was humbled down to a 3-1 defeat today.
I woke up 20 minutes late and the scoreline was already 2-0 and my first thought was: 'uh-oh'. And then when Leo scored I was like: 'OK boys we got this, we got this'. And when Betis scored the third goal I was like: 'there's still second half, no worries'. And when Messi missed the penalty, I was considering shutting down my laptop and go back to sleep. I knew the winning streak won't last forever. But I'm still a proud Cule nonetheless. Let's hope that they will bounce back even stronger now, yes? Vamos Barca!

After Messi's missed penalty.
I thought this was so sweet *hugging both players*


Oh look at my new desktop background!
Sooo cute, right?
I was having a hard time parting with my Homer Simpson wallpaper but I guess I just love Messi more!
*happy max*

I got it from here
OMG I love this man. Thank you for drawing super cute Messi.

The big nose is so Messi.
The teddy bear! The bedsheet! Shirtless Messi! :P
Ozil!!! *loves*

And for Lisa:
Koala bear Maradona.


  1. HAHA Cute Messi xD Barca lost the game but they won on aggregate, right?

  2. *high five*
    Yes, Messi is the cutest :P

    Yup on 6-3 aggregate, nasib baik. :D

  3. gah!!~~~ OZIL!!~~~

  4. Thank you for ze owsem picture of Mr Mararararadonaah xD

  5. You're most welcome. Suka taaakkkk? :P

  6. Sukaaaaaaaaaaa! *jumps into a pool and drown self* xD


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