January 22, 2011

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I've been Wiki-ing things for my Media Planning assignment since the morning today. My ass hurts due to prolonged sitting on hard cement and my eyes are burning because I've been staring at my laptop for hours and I felt like I'm becoming even dumber because I had to digest a lot of in-my-opinion-have-no-use-whatsoever informations. Maybe they are somewhat important but I just won't give any fuck anymore. *emo

What I hate the most when I'm in this kind of situation i.e. sitting still in my room, in a location where food supply is within arms reach, and in the state of emo-ness is that I'll have this tendency to not stop munching. I've been gobbling down green peas, prunes and sometimes chocolate bars for a while now. Wtf thank you very much assignment, you've successfully turned me into an even more fat bitch. *emo

Since I like to chew so much, maybe I should stock up on bubble gums. At least they can keep my mouth occupied for quite a while. Yes, maybe I should.

Anyways, I want to show you my latest failed attempts with Prisma markers: 
I wish I can haz a cow balloon. 
Two of my favourite players. I'm planning to draw the whole Barca team but maybe later.
Muahaha I really like how Matthew Craven drew Messi's big nose I had to do just the same. Villa's hair is a disaster, I know.

LOL these are so bad I swear Prisma markers hate me even more now.

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